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  • Vital Products in three category , (1)Diaper (2)Sanitary Pads (3)Wipes and have two levels Alpha and Bravo. for products detail please visit into the website online shop .

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Vital Baby Diaper



Vital Diaper

Ultra Plus

Vital Diaper

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Vital Diaper



Vital Diaper


Vital Diaper

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Vital Diaper

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Nature Movements Urine and Bowel

Rest Movements Sleep & Awake

Safe Movements Playing Time

Sanitary Napkins


Women Napkins "Care-Your-Self"

Vital is Choose the great mission for Girl’s & Women of empowerment and confidence,  All around the world, women share the same rights. The right to live a life free from violence and slavery; the right to be educated; the right to earn a fair and equal wage; the right to own property; the right to expression and Vital give you the safety in all round the world in every situation. 
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Women's Roll in Society / Feel Safe With Vital Napkins

Working In Home

In Study Life

In Job Life

Vital Wipes

Qualitive Product

2.Good Nite


Why Choose Wipes?

Wipes- Play Time

Playing are important part of life, use the wipes for clean your body.

Wipes- In Food Time

Good Nite & X-pert brands of Wipes, both are used during food time of baby .

Used to clean the baby body, Softer than Sponges and Washcloths
Used to clean steel, countertops, glass, and wooden furniture.
Used to remove most makeup, such as foundation, eyeliner etc